Look at them Girls


Adelaide, Tatiana, Tatiane, Naiane, Cátia and Roselaine have in common the fact that they are mothers and live far from their children. The reason for this distance is the same: these women are in prison. Each of these life stories, despite their peculiarities, represents a gender issue and the reality of more than 40,000 Brazilian women. Precarious and inadequate arrests, abandonment and disturbance of the home are the main problems they face.


Brazil has the fourth largest female prison population in the world. According to the National Penitentiary Department, the number of prisoners in the country went from 5,600 in 2000 to 37,800 in 2019. The incarceration follows a selective logic: the majority of prisoners are young, black and with a low education level. In addition, more than 2/3 of them are mothers and have been arrested for involvement in drug traffic.

This scenario becomes worse when they are the main or only financial support at their homes, a social phenomenon described as “feminization of poverty”, whose numbers in Brazil have increased from 23% to 40% in the last 20 years.

Family members are directly affected. Although they have not committed any crime, they lead a life as if paying a penalty. Most of them are also women (mothers, sisters, daughters and companions) who partly support the prisoners, providing them with basic items withheld by the State.

Arrested women, in addition to legal limitations on their right to come and go, suffer from the omission and negligence of the State, which violates other guarantees of prisoners that should not be affected, such as access to education, health, work and the preservation of family bonds and relationships. It is evident that the State lacks the implementation of public gender policies for incarcerated women, leaving them subject to a condition of invisibility and intensifying the gender inequality issues in Brazilian society.

Ficha Técnica

Duration: 77  minutes

Genre: Documentary

Theme: Public Security and Human Rigths

Language: Portuguese/English

Directed by: Tatiana Sager

Co-direcetd by: Renato Dornelles

Written by: Renato Dornelles, Tatiana Sager and Luca Alverdi

Produced by: Panda Filmes (BR) and Falange Produções (BR)

Co-Produced by: Cabiria Productions (PT)


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